Juan Pablo Barquiza


Juan Pablo has a degree in International Relations from the Universidad Católica Argentina and a diploma in Public Affairs from the Universidad Austral. As an Argentinean-Portuguese citizen, he also holds a Master's degree in International Development from the IE School of Global and Public Affairs. Passionate about the development of different partnerships between multi-sectorial players to achieving sustainable goals, Juan Pablo has more than five years of experience in the public affairs and corporate communications sectors. Working as a consultant for relevant tech and innovative companies such as Samsung, Intel, John Deere and Indigo, as well as in organizations such as Nidera or CIPPEC, the most prestigious think tank in Argentina, Juan Pablo has acquired valuable work skills that he now seeks to put into practice to contribute to the development of GovTech ecosystems. Juan Pablo is also a member of Una Sola Familia’s executive committee, a non-profit organization that develops educational programs in Argentina. He currently leads its government relations and fund-raising teams, looking forward to deepening the links between different actors to meet challenging objectives.