IE PublicTech Lab is the first academic center in Europe and Latin America working in the Govtech space.

Team & partners

An initiative from the IE School of Global and Public Affairs

The transformation of governments in a multiple range of countries worldwide inspired its founding, given the observation of the govtech space working as a trigger for these transformations. Since its creation, the PublicTech Lab has established agreements with key players (see partners) and mantained an international profile to bring the best experiences and cases to its programs.

The role of the academia in this space is significant, as well the role of entrepreneurship. These two elements are integral to the GPA school and to IE.  Additionally, the different disciplines and the bilingual teaching approach that the university upholds supports our multidisciplinar and international vision.

The School of Global and Public Affairs has as its main mission the creation of global leaders that are able to face future challenges and to adapt to the changing global panorama through its undergraduate, masters and executive programs. The School has founded multiple initiatives such as The Centre for Governance of Change, The Transatlantic Relations Initiative and the PublicTech Lab, with the objetive of positively impacting society at a global level through knowledge dissemination.

Meet the core team

Digital transformation, Govtech entrepreneurship and Public policies


Idoia Ortiz de Artiñano

IE PublicTech Lab

Founder and Managing Director

Strategic Design for Policymaking, Digital Public Services, Govtech


Beatriz Belmonte

IE PublicTech Lab

Head of Service and Experience Design

Govtech, Digital Transformation, Global Affairs

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Sofía Silva Carballido

IE PublicTech Lab

Project Lead

Startup Ecosystem, Social Impact, Innovation

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Rocío Suanzes

IE PublicTech Lab

Startup Ecosystem Specialist


Companies or individuals, you can help the Lab shape and move forward the govtech and digital transformation agenda.



  • Become part of one of the leading academic institutions on govtech and digital transformation.
  • Collaborate with us on specific projects, pilots, training sessions and events.
  • Meet the experts, professors, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and public officials leading this space.

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